"You won't find a better place to help keep your beloved dog healthy and well."

"We ♥ Treats & Tips!!! My Huskys love the products they carry, most of which are hard to find in this area."

"These guys are awesome! Alex and Thiago are always so friendly and helpful and truly love dogs, which is a big deal because I am really discovering a lot of people that work with animals aren't all that animal-loving. I had Jessie (we call her our daughter..lol) groomed here for the first time not that long ago and it was the most thorough cleaning I've ever had on any of the dogs I've ever had. I also bring her with me every time I get her food (which they only sell quality food and treats!). She always gets so much attention and doesn't want to leave! Treats and Tips is a VERY welcome addition to the neighborhood!"

"Wonderful place! We brought our big dog- 80 lb chocolate Lab- to their doggy day care. They not only gave him exercise but attention. The next morning he looked disappointed that I wasn't taking him back to day care. I'm a huge fan."

"5+ stars for Treats and Tips! We've been getting our cat, Zeus, groomed there for a few years now. We moved out of Astoria last year but still go there from NJ because they are the only ones I trust with my senior cat. They are friendly, extremely knowledgeable and genuinely care for the well-being of your pet family. Zeus always comes home so happy after a visit to Treats and Tips... and so do we." 

"I've been meaning to write a review and hadn't got around to it. We took our 3 year old teacup Yorkie Mr.Biggs here about 3 months and hands down has been the best doggy haircut he has gotten! Service is great and very pleasant! Definitely making this place his go too!!"

"So glad to have Treats & Tips in the neighborhood. Professional, friendly and always very helpful. My little Shih Tzu, Misha, insists on stopping in the store to stay Hi every time we walk past. Thanks for putting up with us Alex & Thiago, you're the best!"

"Friendly and knowledgable. I know that my dog is 100% in good hands when I drop her off!"

"I am so grateful that Treats and Tips came to Astoria. Alex and Thiago are absolutely wonderful. They are so knowledgeable in behavior and even nutrition. They suggested a new food (grain free) for my dogs that is working wonders for them. My now senior Beagle and Corgi are more energetic, have shinier coats and just seem to be healthier all around. The grooming is fantastic as well. Probably the best I have ever had for my pups."

"Treats and Tips is a godsend! It is clean, provides a safe environment for dogs, and encourage socialization. Alex and Thiago, the owners of Treats and Tips, are friendly, informative, and take a genuine interest in their canine charges. Hammer, our 5-year old Beagle, has been a regular at Treats and Tips for two years. She loves it, as do my wife and I. As a rescue dog with massive separation anxiety, she could not be left alone on her own for more than an hour. When we drop her off, we know she will be under constant supervision. She will receive plenty of exercise and structured playtime. In addition, Alex and Thiago always take the time to answer any question we may have. I cannot recommend Treats and Tips highly enough."

"While I never neglected my cat, I had little insight as to why she was acting how she was, what could provide her with a healthier diet and how to better sooth her during aggressive times. I expected to just walk in and walk out with goods that I researched on the Internet, but I met Alex. He was genuinely passionate and understanding. 45+ min later I left with a boatload of knowledge and only 1 small purchase. I have been there twice since and my experience has been amazing. I am a lifetime customer and recommend them to anyone passionate about their pets."

"Treats and Tips is such a gem; they carry a wide variety of high quality pet foods and treats, offer grooming, boarding, and even day care! My puppy loved playing at day care with the other dogs that were there, I am confident he was well taken care of, and was exhausted from a fun day when I brought him home. Emily is an excellent groomer, and really listens to how I want my very fluffy dog's hair to be cut, and she does a beautiful job every time. Absolutely Love thIs place, and highly recommend it!"

"A friend foisted a cute little Pomeranian on us for two months. We've never taken care of a doggie before and she needed a haircut badly. Thiago and Alex took care of her within an hour for $60. They also answered a few of our questions on basic dog care and made themselves available to us when we called later on with other questions. Good guys, good 'service."

"Treats and Tips is my dogs second home with his second family, that is how good this place is in treating myself and my dog companion Bailey. I participate in their daycare service program, boarding, grooming, and "tips and treats" ( great selection on food and incentive positive training treats). My dog is everything to me, so his health, wellbeing, and happiness is my biggest concern-- the staff here knows it and works with me to always give my dog the absolute best service and care. There has been countless times where I have needed more than their "menu services" and they have ALWAYS been there for me. It is great for a business to be run not just with a fiscal profit approach but one where they are focused on providing the best if service, and then going the extra mile to achieve it. My dog knows FULLY well when I say "Let's go to School" it means he gets to spend a full day at his second home playing with all his friends and human companions--- he leaps in happiness and bounds and runs to get his leash! I have been with Treats and Tips for almost 1 year now and they have trained my dog to be his best self (and his human parent as well!): a well rounded, good behaving, affectionate companion. I look forward to doing business with you guys for all the years to come. Thank you for the happiness you have added to our lives!"