Grooming is essential to the health and comfort of your dog or cat.

Our groomers oftentimes serve as intermediaries between owner and vet - they feel and understand animals, and can therefore detect upcoming health or hygiene problems such as - ticks, fleas, dry skin, irritated skin, infections, and inflammations. 

Our full-service grooming includes:

  • Double shampoo & conditioning - Removes dirt and dandruff
  • Full cut & Blow-dry - Promotes healthy hair growth and coat
  • Brush/De-sheading - Removes dead hair,  increases natural oils which give coat a healthy shine, and reduces hairballs that can cause stomach or intestinal blockages
  • Nail Clipping - Prevents nails from growing into toepads and skin, which can cause pain and infection
  • Teeth Brushing - Prevents cavities and mouth odor
  • Ear Cleaning - Eliminates odor and prevents infections
  • Gland Expression - Relieves scooting/licking of the anal region, eliminates odors, prevents infections